PLAY ALONG,  legesind

Role: Play Designer for exhibition ‘Legesind’
Client: Heerup Museum, DK

Key themes:
Exhibition design, Play design, Open-ended Play, Graphic design, Concept design

5 play designs and play concept ‘Play along’ developed for the art exhibition ’Legesind’ at Heerup Art museum, Denmark.

The 5 play designs draws inspiration from Heerups artistic process and artworks, and uses this as a common third to unfold play at the art museum, using aspects from construction play, storytelling and open-ended play.

The Play design starts at the museum entry, where the guest receive an entry ticket of trash, with the invitation to ‘PLAY ALONG’. In the exhibition room, this trash ticket can be used as a part of a big co-created story, written and exhibited by the guests them self.

Art works of Heerup is hidden in the exhibition wall, with only small parts visible. Here the guests are invited to finish the artwork, by drawing on the wall –Turning the role of the viewer and artist upside down.

Big scale trash objects invites the guests to build and play. This is where the guest can explore the process of building a trash-model, such as Henrup Heerup did. The big scale is used to challenge the guests to collaborate,to activate the body in the open-ended play and experience the art in a playful way. 

The exhibtions graphic design, is developed with a green colorcode to mark the play designs. Texts has been replaced with handwriteing, to make information more informal and in the spirit of Henrup Heerup.

Photos, credits to Heerup Museum

Photos, credits to Heerup Museum