Alien Workshop

Role: Designer, facilitator
Collaborator:Olivia Storm, Ditte Trudslev, Zuza Gronowicz and Malte Eskestad
Client: MA project

Key themes:
Child centered design, workshop facilitation, imagination and play,storytelling and imagiantion 

'Alien Workshop' is a child centered co-design project, investigateing the role of the child in the design process and how to use play thinking in workshop development and facilitation, to create a more child-led design process, when designing for children. 

The workshops main goal was to explore the life of a schoolchild, and facilitate a playful and child-led room for exploring topics such as teaching, friendship and recess. Focusing on open framework, imagination and room for self-expression. The Alien Workshop kick started the imagination og ideation, in a school setting, useing storytelling, roleplay and craft.

Futhermore, the workshops has given insights to methods / key points, for when developing workshops and co-createing with children at the age 6-10., useing probes and narratives.