Material as Playmate

Role: Artistic Researcher
Collaboration: TEMPUR Sealy, Denmark
Employer: Play Lab, Designschool Kolding

Key themes:
Artistic research, Open ended play, Sensemakeing processes, Material interaction


Through experimental design research, I explored how the intersections between scale, form, material and body, can support open-ended play and sensemaking processes. How engaging with a material – playing together with it- supports and challenges sensemaking. How new ideas, perspectives, and meaning, evolves from playing, experiencing and sensing a material.

The open-ended play design frames an embodied investigative play, by its use of ambiguous shapes, big scale, and the properties of the TEMPUR foam. The participants can take ownership of the play design and have a shared sensemaking process in an embodied and collaborative play with the material affordances such as  scale and tactility .

The design working as a common third and active part, during the play, supporting and challengeing collaboration, imagination and sensemaking.