How Nature Builds

Role: Huskunstner,Designer, facilitator
Client: Sorø municipality and Dansk Hulebyg, with support Statens Kunstfond

Key themes: Co-creation, textile techniques and building, design process and play

'Naturens Konstruktioner' is a project investigating natures ways of building and constructing. In collaboration with children from school and kindergardens from Sorø municipality, we explored the nature around Dansk Hulebyg in the forests of Sorø.

I facilitated a child centered design process, where simple tools and skills where taugh in order to mimic the builders of nature. Furthermore the children was introduced to the experimental process of art and design. All of this leading to building our own forts with these new skills and inspirations from nature.

Experiments, exploring and sensing the nature was the main key and with curious eyes we learned a lot about nature and the process of design and art. But most importantly we learned about our own abilities and that small heads can get big ideas.

Duration : 3 / 6 workshops pr. group